Our translators are native speakers in the language into which they usually translate, and they have technical knowledge to produce accurate texts to reach your target audience. Our team uses the latest technology available in translation tools and software applications to improve their productivity and efficiency.


Our experient editors ensure total quality in all translated documents. They keep track of terminology issues and manage glossary databases during translation projects, customizing terminology management databases to ensure accurate and appropriate products for your target audience.

DTP Experts:

Our Desktop Publishing experts are ready to customize your document to your business needs.
We use leading edge applications and deliver ready-to-print and online documents.

Project Managers:

Our experienced Project Managers ensure a thorough management of all steps in a translation project, from file analysis to final delivery and client feedback, using a leading-edge Translation Management System.

Our Management Leaders

Gisley Ferreira – General Manager

From 1990 to 2000, Gisley worked as an in-house translator, lead reviewer, and Quality Coordinator in two industry-leader American multinational IT organizations, as well as a freelancer Language Specialist, playing in a number of areas of expertise. She is native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, and she has a wide background in English. She has a BA in English Language and English and American Literatures and a Postgraduate English-Portuguese Translation Specialization. She has also a BA in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures. In 2001, she founded the translation company Wordlink Traduções, and then started offering complete linguistic solutions, including translation services, editing and DTP, using the latest technology available in translation tools and software applications. Today, she is an experienced project manager and lead reviewer, and supervises the Wordlink team and all steps in each project.

Erio Donnamaria – Administrative and IT Manager

Erio worked for 30 years in an industry-leader American multinational IT organization, where he played the roles of Technical Representative of cutting edge products, TechRep Team Leader, and Technical Training Instructor, having attended a number of technology courses in the Xerox Training Center in Leesburg, to acquire knowledge about the products being launched and then develop and schedule training for the Brazilian technical teams. He is an expert connected devices, networks and servers. In 2006, Erio joined the Wordlink team, where he is now Administrative, Finance, and IT Manager.

This is our team. If you want to be part of our successful team, send us your CV!